Release Notes Contego version 1.7.0

New Features

[CO-1253] - added ability to print a PDF summary of a check

[CO-1284] - added validation rules for documents

[CO-1286] - address types added to the 'Check Business & Contacts' section. Now you can choose between registered, trading and forwarding address

[CO-1364] - added ability to retrieve a previous transaction and populate it with new information

[CO-1537] - now displaying transaction time next to the date to easily identify transactions

[CO-1405] - brand new homepage showing latest additions to the system and useful links

[CO-1415] - new alert rules for suspicious companies reported by BCA members (this is available to the BCA members only)


[CO-1139] - 'Change Password' button under Settings is more visible

[CO-1172] - map available under the Map tab is zoomed out to make all pins visible at the same time

[CO-1266] - fixed foreign passport validation

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