How do I access and use Articles & Alerts?

Articles & Alerts are by default Contego's homepage so every time you log in they are right there in front of you. 

At the top of the page are filters that will help you choose Alerts & Articles you would like to read:

  • Source: choose the source organisation that provided the data
  • Type: choose between Alerts, News & Documents
  • Date Range: choose 'from' and 'to' dates when alert was published
  • Text: type in a keyword (for example someone's name) and we will search alerts that contain this keyword in the title, attachment and/or link
Once you have chosen your criteria, please click 'Apply'. If you would like to start from scratch, click the 'Reset' button. If you would like to see all alerts, leave the filters blank.

An Alert, Article or Document can be a link taking you to an external website or an attachment (Excel, Word, PDF etc.). To access a link, simply click on 'More'. To open an attachment, click on the icon next to the Alert, Article or Document. You can then read or save the file.

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