Release Notes Contego version 1.4.0

Release Notes - Contego - Version 1.4

Released 10 April 2012

New Features

Check Job Ad

*  [CO-353] - Add "Check Job Ad" as a new Check Type – as check company, but with added functionality to check the description in a job ad, including a text check for profanities or key words.

* [CO-350] - Implement scanning of the text in ads to identify profanity, prohibited items and high risk words and phrases


Check Holiday Ad

* [CO-692] - Add a "Check Holiday Let" page to the "Check" menu to allow holiday rental companies to check ads

* [CO-693] - Add the ability to upload up to 3 photos to the "Check Holiday Let" screen

* [CO-694] - Implement CRID 1167 "Image does not contain metadata" – this is a check on the provenance of photos of holiday lettings.

* [CO-350] - Implement scanning of the text in ads to identify profanity, prohibited items and high risk words and phrases

* [CO-899] - Add Holiday check to History of Checks

* [CO-901] - Holiday Check transaction time should be automatically completed


Check Virtual Office Ad

* [CO-867] - Add a "Check Virtual Office Application" page to the Checks menu


New Rules

* [CO-696] - We should have a warning if a third party search doesn't return the expected data. e.g. If a check is made and the call to Companies House (say) fails, the system should warn that the user that the check has been unsuccessful

* [CO-961] - Re-enable telephone lookup and rules

* [CO-1026] – Ensure Telephone number check only called for correctly formatted phone numbers

* [CO-825] - Implement CRID 1196 "Description contains profanities"

* [CO-826] - Implement CRID 1197 "Description contains prohibited items"

* [CO-827] - Implement CRID 1198 "Description contains high risk keywords"


Fraud Alerts & Articles

* [CO-882] - Improve the text search on Fraud Alerts to allow the Abstract and Description of the Fraud Alert to be searched as well as the Headline

* [CO-884] - Ensure that viewing a Fraud Alert and downloading attachments to Fraud Alerts are logged as events in the audit trail.

* [CO-956] - Add Category to "Articles" so they can be marked as either "Alert", "News" or "Document"

* [CO-958] - Ability to filter Articles by Article Type

* [CO-959] - Rename "Fraud Alerts" as "Alerts & Articles"

Development of API

* [CO-966] - Build the VIES API into Contego

* [CO-870] - Implement a secure connection to the Contego API for pilot users

* [CO-871] - Revise XML schema to support pilot users

* [CO-917] - XML Schema change: rename "CheckAd" element to "CheckTransaction"



    [CO-680] - Display cost of Profile – in preparation for go live, this will indicate the maximum possible cost for a Check using a particular profile. The prices have not yet been fixed, so the prices shown are not necessarily representative.  The actual cost of a Check may be lower than the maximum as searches not done will not be charged.  For example, if a Profile includes rules for checking telephone numbers, the maximum price for that Profile will include the cost for doing the telephone checks.  But, if no telephone number data is entered for a particular transaction, then the telephone check will not be done & the price for that Check will not include the cost of a telephone search.

* [CO-681] - Audit trail for profile changes – so we can go back and check who changed a profile and when if necessary.

* [CO-847] - Allow Contego admins to force a user to change their password upon next login

* [CO-857] - Allow user to request password reset from login page

 * [CO-892] - Extend Timeout to 60 minutes

* [CO-960] - Manage Angel & Demon Companies

* [CO-971] - Add "Reveal Profanities" check box to the Text tab in manage profiles

* [CO-981] - As a Contego user, I want to be able to see the data looked up in various API calls and checks

* [CO-881] - As a Contego Admin, I want to be able to set a limit on a Profile for the number of transactions permitted in a batch file (to avoid users running up unexpected bills)

* [CO-1009] - List of profiles should have "Max number of transactions" and "Max amount of money for batch" in the list

* [CO-1024] - On Check forms>Map tab by default should have 1km zoom

* [CO-1053] - Hide Check VAT fields


* [CO-820] - History of Checks not showing all checks

* [CO-862] - Logging into Contego often (but not always) takes c. 20 seconds after entering password

* [CO-864] - "CRID 1008 Fraudulent email address" rule is not working

* [CO-874] - On Check Company Batch - file history - view results, clicking on the XML Request button has no effect.

* [CO-894] - Unable to view rule 61 of 61 Phone Rules

* [CO-923] - CRID1067 "Website domain listed as Demon" is called twice.

* [CO-995] - CRID1005 "Email domain is non-corporate" is not triggered. 

* [CO-1041] - Vehicle rules are triggered 3 times when Vehicle check is done



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