Release Notes Contego Version 1.21

Contego Version 1.21 – Release Notes

Hello All,

This document contains information about the files that have been updated, new functionality, fixed issues and workarounds. Each release note has two sections:

Issues Addressed

-          Duration of listing on Electoral Register now displayed, for address verification purposes.

Social media data now listed on PDF check report.

-          Drop down list for check result override function in the back office.

-          Previous check results now included in Re-Check Function:

When you do a recheck you can now see the results of the previous check made in the check screen itself, removing screen clutter and streamlining the check process. 

-          Address Verification Count – The system now displays the number of sources an address verification was made against, to further enhance the certainty of address verification checks.


What's New

Non Limited Company Check now available. 

-          System speed now improved.

-          Electoral Register data now includes 2014 dataset.

The goal of this release is to make Contego a better, faster and more reliable tool. For the latest Contego news follow our blog posts.

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