Release Notes Contego Version 1.18

Contego Version 1.18 – Release Notes


Functionality Improvements


-          Stop reminder emails function now added to the back office for compliance form users.

-          Electricity bill upload and MPAN number verification added to check.

-          Bank account verification functionality added.

-          LLP member verification now available for compliance form users.

-          Principle place of business check added to compliance form to verify whether location is a Virtual/Serviced Office.

-          Ability to capture details of up to 6 directors/Partners/LLP members of a business added to the compliance form. 

-          All uploaded files now automatically virus and compatibility checked.

-          Address verification data sources improved for improved coverage.

-          User interface improvement on the applicant emails section, for compliance form users.


Bug Fixes


-          Selection of Charity as organisation type bug now fixed.

-          PEP and Sanctions PDF display improved.

-          Obsolete items removed from Check menu.

-          Name of client display issue in the alerts window now fixed.

-          “Check business” user interface improved.

-          Re-check button issue fixed.

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