Release Notes Contego version 1.15 - Compliance form

Contego v1.15 Release notes - Regus

Bug Fixes:

  • PDF generation problem in the back office fixed.
  • Email reminder sent to already passed user issue fixed.
  • Help bubble issue on the compliance for now displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Problem with refining search parameters by date in the checks history now fixed.
  • Incorrect result being displayed in checks history for a disapproved I.D document.
  • Fixed an issue where Sanctions lists wouldn't scroll.
  • Fixed an issue where the user received reminder email even though they had passed previously.
  • Fixed a broken link that prevented a user to generate report based on Scanned Documents.
  • Fixed an issue where the RAG status was not being updated when the IDChecker document result is being received.
  • Fixed an issue where Rule 1343 was triggering even if the Surname is provided and it is correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reset button does not clear all information from the personal details on Person Check or Business and Contact check.   
  • PDF Icon improvements on Scanned Documents page.
  • Fixed an issue where Credit Limit information was not showing.
  • Fixed an issue where Client Summary monthly view would not update when switching between months.
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation controls wouldn't show when using Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where Checks History searches by date would not filter correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a company with an apostrophe would break the search. 


  • Necessary fields for each profile now highlighted on the check form to further improve check quality.
  • Post code look-up for addresses now available in the address fields on the compliance form.       
  • ID documents check (By IDChecker) now available in the back office.  
  • Documents that have been checked by IDChecker now cross reference against the Amberhill database.   
  • Reminder to customers to enter their residential address on the customer details section of the form now added. 
  • Support team now automatically alerted to documents that fail an IDChecker check by email.        
  • Change to the text at the end of the form, when a client has failed updated.  
  • UI Text improvements.   
  • Menu improvements.     
  • Improved table refresh behaviour on Checks History page.        
  • Improved how alerts are presented on the Checks History page.
  • Fields which are necessary for the correct functioning of rules in the current profile can now be highlighted on the check screens.     
  • Detailed PEP, Sanctions and Enforcement data now available in checks.   
  • Business Event History data now available in checks.     
  • Check if a company has a voluntary arrangement.       
  • Check if a person is a shareholder/beneficial owner or an officer/director of a company.      
  • Upload and check identity documents against the IDC during a new check or existing checks in the checks history.       
  • Refine Checks History search by User.   
  • Unverified international address now gives an alert.    
  • Warning if name does not match passport MRZ.         
  • Better postcode search. 
  • Record company numbers in the Angels and Demons lists.       
  • Users can now apply filters using the return key.       
  • Better transaction costs information and credit/balance checking.    
  • New waiting icon for checks awaiting a document to be processed.



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