Release Notes Contego version 1.14 - Compliance Form


Postcode look up added to speed entry of address details.  This should also improve the match rate for Flats and other addresses where variations are possible.

Added 4 extra centres to the compliance form.

Buttons added to the top right of screen on compliance form (to improve workflow).

Country field added to the company look up screen, "Search Business".

National ID card added to available ID that can be checked on both compliance form and the back office (doesn’t include US identity cards at present)

Right click on items in the checks history now contains “open in new tab” option.

Improved back office functionality: search by client, company name and RAG score now available.

D.O.B. Check now checked against more sources to increase accuracy.

Required fields for MLR compliance now highlighted on check form.

Disqualified director checks back by popular demand!

Newly registered company alert now added.

Registered Office field on the compliance form is now highlighted and in red.

Pop-up box to remind users of the importance of accuracy in the data they submit to the compliance form added.

Bug Fixes     

Compliance form submitted without contact details when beneficial owner is filling the form now fixed.

Users submitting the form without ID docs issue now fixed.

Mail sent to centres when a user has passed issue now fixed, contains name of client as requested.

Graphical representation of data now fixed in Applicant’s summary.

Centre name displaying incorrectly bug fixed.

Check reports showing erroneous items bug now fixed. 

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