Contego Version 1.70 - Release Notes

This document details the changes in Contego Release V1.70


GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation)

An important part of data protection is to ensure that no personal data is held beyond the time at which you have a good business reason to hold that data.   As part of our updates ahead of GDPR, we have been looking at how to make compliance easier for our customers.  A new feature that we are offering is the ability for you to set a time period after which data will automatically be erased from the system.

If you would like this activated for your organisation please contact our support team to discuss further.

Please note:  we will continue to store all your data securely until you request deletion.

Adverse Media on Companies:

Additional rule added for adverse media on Companies (change request 6141)

We can now offer Adverse Media checks on Companies: data will be shown on the negative data tab of the search results.  


There is a new rule:

1628 - Possible adverse media for [company name].  Please check negative data tab


If you would like this activated please contact our support team to discuss further.

Quick Search Function for Companies:

Status Field (change request 6165)

Quick search function for companies now displays results for Dormant/Inactive companies.  The Company status will be displayed on-screen on the results page and made visible to the user.

Police Action Fraud Alerts:


The feed of Police Action Fraud Alerts, temporarily unavailable since October 2017 has resumed and so all alerts issued by Action Fraud will appear in the News section of the Welcome page..

General Database Enhancements:

We have made some changes to improve performance and responsiveness to searches.

  Removal of MD5 Signature Value 

The MD5 signature value is no longer used, so is being removed from the webservice information on Contego.   Instead, the Access Key value should be used in API calls.

If you have any questions or comments on this or any other issue then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01235 375 111 or send us an email to  

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  45. New: Documents Tab in the Check Results Pages
  46. New: Multiple Documents Per Check
  47. New: ID Document Picture in PDF
  48. New: Multiple Google search per contact
  49. New: All uploaded files now virus and compatibility checked
  50. New: Company checks now possible simply with company number
  51. New: Electricity bill upload and MPAN number verification added to checks
  52. New: Improved alerts/results window, data now summarised so you can quickly see the status of your client at a glance
  53. New: Documents can now be uploaded to a check without being processed by I.D.Checker
  54. New: Visualisation Tool (BETA)
  55. New: Social Media Checks
  56. New: Support for International Passports
  57. Auto-Populate Passport MRZ
  58. Managed Profiles
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