Contego Version 1.68 - Release Notes



This document details the changes in Contego Release V1.68.  The key changes in this release are related to an upgrade of the C6 API for PEPS and Sanctions checks, and improvements to the presentation of data to improve usability.

Configuration Changes:

Configuration of C6 search settings to Profiles (change request 6074)

This change allows the PEP and Sanction search to include or omit particular classes of “hit” within the search by profile.  Previously a search for a person returned all people that matched that search (PEPs, sanctions, previous sanctions, law enforcement, financial regulator, insolvency, disqualified director).  It will now be possible to search only for people that may match PEPs and Sanctions (say) and omit all other possible matches from the set of results returned.

By default all matches will be returned.  If your organisation would like not to see results that match a particular class, then please contact our support team.

Links to Further Information on PEP and Sanctions

This API upgrade will fix the problem of “broken links” when searching for additional information relating to PEPs, Sanctions, Enforcements, Insolvency or Adverse Media.  Previously the link shown was to the original article, and if this had been removed, the link was broken.  The links provided will now link to a copy of the original article held on the C6 database.

User Interface – Improvements to Layout:

Improvements to the Layout of PEP and Sanction Person and Business Data (change request 6078 & 6079)

An enhancement has been made to improve the presentation of data in the negative data tab and PDF.  The introduction of sections will simplify the user experience of navigating through data and results will be sorted according to the probability of a match in descending order.

If no results are present for a search the following messages will be displayed:

Persons: “No PEP and Sanctions data returned for Contact Name”

Business: “No PEP and Sanctions data returned for Business Name”

Improvements to the Display of PEP and Sanction Data in PDF’s (change request 6080)

When data is available for Person or Business search the data is displayed in PDF in the same format as the User Interface with the exception of article links.

If no results are present for a search the following messages will be shown in PDF:

Persons: “No PEP and Sanctions data returned for Contact Name”

Business: “No PEP and Sanctions data returned for Business Name”


Countries from FATF Black List (change request 6098)

As a result of the latest review by the FATF (Financials Action Task Force) the following countries have been removed from the list and will no longer appear in alerts:

·      Afghanistan

·      Lao People’s Democratic Republic

 If you have any questions or comments on this or any other issue then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01235 375 111 or send us an email to  

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  67. Managed Profiles
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