Release Notes Contego version 1.9.0

New Features

[CO-1793] - As a user I'd like to see details of the financial history of a company

[CO-1479] - As a system admin I would like the ability to create shared profiles so that the profiles are consistent across organisations

[CO-1100] - As a user I want to be able to see what country a mobile phone is currently located in

[CO-1220] - As a user I want a person check to tell me if there is a BCA alert on the person

[CO-1889] - As a User I would like director to match on first name and surname to avoid too many false alerts

[CO-1543] - As Contego I want to manage the credit limit of an organisation so they don't spend too much money

[CO-1578] - As a user I'd like to see company appointments without entering contact details (Companies House API implementation)

[CO-1585] - As a user I want to be able to flag a check as suspicious and share this data with other users of Contego

[CO-1591] - As a user I would like it to be very easy to enter the passport MRZ

[CO-1776] - As a user I'd like to see if a company has any CCJ's listed

[CO-1781] - As a user I want to ensure I know who owns 25% or more of a business so I can comply fully with MLR

[CO-1810] - As a user I don't want to have to tick the director box to confirm the director status of an individual.

[CO-1824] – When doing a text search in History, return partial matches

[CO-1842] - As a user I'd like the option of using the Creditsafe API for all director and company searches

[CO-1872] - Update T&C's to reflect new agreement with Tracesmart

[CO-1876] - As a User I would like the wording for a full electoral roll check to be clear on the requirements

[CO-1883] - As a user I would like it to be clear what is a transaction & what a credit to my account

[CO-1907] - Changes in API in profile should be logged in system logs

[CO-1910] - Please style the Company Details returned from CreditSafe the same as Company Financials.

[CO-1418] - As a user I want the ability to query a test API as well as a live API so that I don't incur costs whilst testing

[CO-1542] - As a user, I'd like to see a clear layout of the data tab so I don't get confused

[CO-1767] - As a user I want to return a list of company appointments without doing a director check (Creditsafe API)

 [CO-1893] - As Contego I would like to charge customers by profile, instead of by costpool, so that it is clear and easy to configure

[CO-1894] - As a user I'd like to be able to do a quick search on a company/sole trader (business) so i can ensure I'm checking against the right entity

[CO-1256] - As a Contego user, I want to be able to reset data in all fields when performing a check so that I don't have to manually clear all fields

[CO-1935] - As a potential customer I'd like to check which companies are registered at my address

[CO-2013] - Please change the title "Articles and Alerts" to "Intelligence"

[CO-2014] - Please change the address on the system to our new address and the logo

[CO-1535] - As a system administrator I would like the option of viewing any organisations transaction history so I can check they are utilising the API



[CO-1133] - the reset button in 'alerts & articles' works properly when resetting filter fields but it doesn't refresh the results

[CO-1650] - On LIVE using Chrome when I click the pdf icon, a blank screen opens

[CO-1654] - Articles from Action fraud are published twice in the system

[CO-1705] - "Company Landline numbers is not a valid number" is triggered even though the landline is correct

[CO-1796] - The PDF states the country is GB when I searched United Kingdom

[CO-1839] - Having a space after firstname or surname causes companies house not to return a match

[CO-1840] - Logout button does not work in IE9

[CO-1972] - On welcome Screen, Checks performed in the last 4 weeks always seems to be 50

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